When it snows…

Posted in meow meow on December 9, 2008 by Mitsu

everyone forgets how to drive! It took me 1 1/2 hours to get home from work today, because of all the snow that we got. Madness!! It usually takes me 30 min. to get home…I feel bad for those who live even further away.

I know that you have to slow down in bad weather, but what’s with all traffic being stopped completely? I don’t mind going slow, but I hate being stuck, not going anywhere at all. When I saw that my usual route home was a parking lot, I decided to take the long way. Yes, it crawled, but at least it was moving. Once I got onto a bigger road, I did 50km/h all the way home (the limit is 80 there).  I just got in at 6…ouch. I just had to post about this, since it pisses me off to no end!

Another reason why I hate winter.


Dec 1 update…

Posted in meow meow on December 1, 2008 by Mitsu

Today, I got a call from the HR department, asking for my language testing results. I’m glad that they called, it’s good to know that it’s coming along. My contract ends at the end of this month, so I’d like to know what’s happening with the process before then. I have the feeling that I’ll be kept on board anyways, so I’m not too stressed.

I know, my life is not too exciting… I was power leveling on MapleStory this weekend. They had a US Thanksgiving special 2x experience event, so I managed to level up 4 times in 2 days. No, I was not on all day, but on and off between workouts, errands, etc. My MS buddy Valakiry introduced me to the Carnival Party Quest, which is great for gaining experience fast. We did 2 on 2 rounds, exchanging wins, so that all 4 of us would level fast. Val is now level 50 after this, I’m level 38. I’ve also been training with jadedleapord (yes, bad spelling, but that’s how he spells it) in the clocktower area, against levl 40 monsters.

I’m also working on some paintings and jewelry, since my colleague and I will be selling a few things at our holiday staff party…Odd, I know, but people have asked us for that. So, if there is any scarcity of posts, these should all explain why.

Maple Story update

Posted in meow meow on November 25, 2008 by Mitsu

On Sunday night, I participated in my first Guild Quest, with ClanDarkWolf. It was actually pretty neat, if only I were better at the jump quests! It was basically going into the Sharenian Dungeon, doing some jump quests, while the higher level members went into some of the attacking rooms. It’s pretty tough being only level 32, but I contributed by hitting a chain, causing a platform to lower onto the boss monster’s head, killing him! Sweet!  I’ve also been upgraded from a Pupp to Growler, and I’ve been there for about 3 weeks…it’s nice to see that I’m gaining a bit of fame and acceptance in the Maple World.

Yeah, not much exciting happening in my life lately, with all the crap weather and me being sick over the weekend, so I thought I’d post about MapleStory. I need to take a new screenshot of my avatar, and put it on here.

Treading water…

Posted in meow meow on November 19, 2008 by Mitsu

I got an e-mail on Friday, stating that I made the CR-4 pool at NRCan, in other words, the job I’m currently in. That’s great, so now, all my manager has to do, is to select me from that pool, for a term of 1 year. Ideally, I’d like to go somewhere busier, as the days fly by when I’m occupied. So, for the time being, I’m in the pool of candidates, treading water until I get fished out. Hope I get picked though, that would mean no more agency bullshit, and once I’m actually a gov’t employee, and no longer a contractor, I’ll be getting a bit closer to landing a policy job.

Hmm, this was a big announcement that I should have at least posted over the weekend, but it slipped my mind.

Public Service Announcement:

Posted in meow meow on November 16, 2008 by Mitsu


On Friday night, we went to see Quantum of Solace. I think it was a good movie, but we didn’t get to enjoy it much, considering that everyone around us was talking, grumbling, snorting (I’ll get into this later) talking on cells, and just being annoying in general.

Come on people, have some consideration! They play those messages before the show starts, asking you to turn your cell phones off, and just to let people enjoy the movie. All of you sitting around me, at the AMC Kanata, for the 10:30 showing, were in your seats at this time! Can you not read/hear/whatever?

The line cutting was another thing that pissed me off. We had to line up 1 hour before the showing time, in order to get in. Once the queue started moving, all these kids (teens and young adults) rushed past everyone waiting, then proceeded to try and hold large numbers of seats for their friends. I’m sorry, but it don’t work that way. I then decided to fly past them all, since they thought it was acceptable, and I really wanted to see the movie. I had tickets at SilverCity, for 7, but both rooms were full when we got there, so I had to get my money back. We phoned other theatres close by, but they were all sold out, so we drove all they way out to Kanata, after hearing they had 200 seats left. Needless to say, I was not losing my place this time!!!

Mentioning the full rooms at SC Gloucester: they weren’t really full, but no one would move over. There were groups of 4 people, 1 free seat, 6 people, another seat, and so on. Come on! If it bothers you that much to be next to a stranger for 2 hours, in silence, watching a movie, then you should wait till it comes out on DVD. There were some break-your-neck-looking-up at-the-screen seats available, but I didn’t stick around. It gets distorted at that angle.

Talkers, et al: I thought it was common sense not to talk at the movies, nor complain about it. I must admit, I do it sometimes, but not on premiere night! I do it when the theatre is not so crowded, and I won’t disturb anyone close to me. As for laughing, it’s low snickers, unless everyone laughs. These kids behind us were talking loudly enough to be disturbing, and would laugh and snort like pigs, at times where there was nothing funny happening in the movie. They tended to do this at the quiet parts as well. How irritating! The girl next to me, and her bf kept mumbling and grumbling the whole time. I thought it might have been Hottie, but when I looked at him, he was just eating smarties. Damn it, if you hate the movie that much, just get up and leave! Same for the smattering of people who thought it was appropriate to yell out comments. If I had known that were the case, then I should have been howling and ow’ing whenever Bond was on screen. With my luck, that would have gotten me kicked out. For the others, not so much. Oh well, now I know… I’ll have to rent it on DVD, so I can actually enjoy the movie, sans comments, grumbles, cells ringing or pig snorts.

Today’s the day

Posted in meow meow on November 12, 2008 by Mitsu

that Priya got fixed. We managed to get it done, without her going into heat. Imagine if she was, it would be very freaking loud! That kitty has quite the set of lungs on her. She’s not taking it easy though, she’s still “go go go”. It’s going to be hard to try and limit her activity for 2 weeks.

In MapleStory, they just released the pirate class today, and it’s sweet! Too bad I’m now a level 31 fighter, so I can’t switch jobs. Oh well, when I’m level 60 or so, I’ll make a new character, who will become a pirate. Arrrr! Besides that, it doesn’t seem like I’m going to level up soon, as I keep dying. Yesterday, I died about 6 times, and you lose experience points everytime, which really sucks. I had about 50% exp, and I’m down to 32 % (after getting killed twice tonight, once by a “bionic turkey”, and by a thing called a curse eye). This weekend, I’ll just go to the stump area, and kill regular and dark axe stumps. It will take longer, but I have greater resistance to their attacks.

As far as work goes, I’m still waiting for the letter of offer…I’m not saying anything till I have that in my paws. They told me that I’d know by the end of October, and it’s now the middle of November. It’s starting to stress me out, as my contract ends Dec. 31, and that would just make the holidays even worse for me. Like I need that; every time I see Xmas overload, I want to get into a defensive ball, hide in the closet, and not come out till boxing day.

Anyhoo, that’s what’s been happening lately. Meow.

Note to self…

Posted in meow meow on November 2, 2008 by Mitsu

Stop beginning posts with “I’ve been busy…”! I don’t have to make excuses for not posting all the time!