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Mitsu vs. The Evil Silicone Witch of Gatineau: The Invasion is Imminent

Posted in meow meow on August 24, 2009 by Mitsu

Time to resume the epic battle between opposites: the cool vs. the skanky.

Today, I was stamping some HR documents, just going about my daily business at the office. I knew that one of my colleagues was going on intensive language training, and that someone had to come replace her. In our discussions, we mentioned a few names of people who we thought it could be, since it was internal.  Eventually, she told me that it was someone from the Farm, but she said that it was from another division, so I didn’t think much of it.

It hadn’t occured to me that this person could be my arch nemesis, as I was enjoying a nemesis-free life, for once. No enemies, and since I’ve taken up boxing, I’ve gained more confidence and a better outlook on life. Yeah, everything was going smoothly for me.

So, as I was stamping the forms, I noticed that one had handwriting at the bottom that said “acting as such-and-such division’s assistant while Ms. Redhead is away on language training”. Being a curious cat, I looked up at the name….and….. (Insert horror movie music, screeching violins here)

dun dun DUUUNNN!!!

I saw the name… Silicone Witch… and was I ever lucky to be brown, as I could feel my ears and my face get hot…with RAGE.  I tried to keep my cool as I stamped the remaining documents, then I ran down to see my buddy, and tell her the bad news. She understood, as she knew her and knew what a nasty attitude the ho has.


That’s what I yelled when I got in my car, and told Hottie the bad news on my cell. I could only think one thing, even until now:


stay tuned for more episodes of this saga: The Witch returns September 2nd!


I have returned

Posted in meow meow on July 25, 2009 by Mitsu

from the dead! Well, not quite, but I haven’t posted in months, as there has been No. Time. At. All. Between work, racing, and MapleStory, it’s tough to find the time to update, but I’m going to try and make it happen this time around. I’ve started writing “cat raps”, so I’ll put some of those up here. I bought some beat maker software, but haven’t recorded myself yet…still a little too shy for that. (The good thing about rap, is that you don’t need a singing voice for that)

Anyways, there have been some major developments in my life lately, which give me lots to write about. A few examples are:

-I’m currently doing my masters in Poli Sci;

-Applying for a work visa to the US, and planning to move there in about 5 years;

-Cat progress; and other issues.

So, I’ve put a reminder on my calendar to post at least once a week. If I get inspired, I will post at other times as well.




Posted in meow meow on February 23, 2009 by Mitsu

Wow, so much has happened lately, and honestly, I think I forgot that this blog existed! Thanks to Cats Working leaving a comment, it has spurred me to post again.

First of all, the results of the competition: I landed a new job at the director general’s office! I will be starting there on March 2nd. As far as my current job goes, I pretty much answer only 2 calls a day, and let the rest go to voicemail. I continue to do the rest of my job adequately, but I couldn’t care less about the phone line. That’s why voicemail was made.  I’ve been filling out all those annoying forms that come with a government job, and that takes up quite a bit of time, trying to get information from 10 years ago.

I’ve also been pushing myself to get outside and run, despite the cold. The treadmill bores me to death, and since race season is coming up in a few months, gotta start my training!

I’ve finally made level 70 in MapleStory, and I’m now a crusader. Mad skills! I married McGuinty (Hottie’s character) in the game, and it’s nice now, because I spend the time that I’m on there, socializing with my guildmates, instead of incessantly grinding and trying to level up. This also means that I’m spending less time on there…down to 1 hour in the evenings (which is damn good, considering that I don’t watch any TV…it’s too boring for me!), and 4 hours on weekend mornings, which means that I’m off at 12pm, trying to get other things accomplished.

Well, it’s pretty late now, so I’ll call it a night, and I’ll try to post at least weekly, to keep this thing alive.

I hate phones…

Posted in meow meow on January 27, 2009 by Mitsu

I think I might have posted this earlier, I’ve been sentenced to answering the information line. The inquiries are not the problem, as I have no issue with replying to e-mails and sending out info packs, but this is what bugs me : the 1800 line from hell.

I have an intense phobia of phone work, ever since I worked at the credit card call centre, and got yelled at on a daily basis. I had a nervous breakdown, and left that job. There was no way I could have done it anymore.  (This was in the beginning of 2007, prior to OMM being created.) 

Now, at the information line, no one yells at me as much (there are some who still do, but I have  no issue with reminding them that I’ll hang up if they keep that up), but it’s just the phone ringing that sends my heart racing, and I get a very uncomfortable feeling when I’m talking to someone. I wish I didn’t have to do it, and I must admit that there are many times where I just let it ring (when the boss isn’t near, or if his door is closed), because I’m too scared to pick up. I mean, you never know when, or what will set someone off. I know, I absolutely refuse to do callbacks, they can call back if it’s that important. I just can’t get the courage to do it, and the worst, is that when I address it at work, I get laughed at, or not taken seriously. I’m a good worker, just get me off the freaking phones!! I can’t take it anymore. This has caused me to become depressed again, I can’t sleep, I’m always stressed, really jumpy, and I’ve lost weight (which isn’t good, ass I’ve always been skinny to begin with). I’ve been on that line since the 18th of December, and I don’t know howw long I can put up with it. I’m just praying, to whatever may be out there, that I get selected from the pool, for a different position. Worst case scenario, If I don’t get another job by March, I’ll have to quit. A job is not worth becoming suicidal over, and I don’t want to go down that path again. Who knows, maybe this is why I can’t remember to post, as all I want to do, is to curl up in a defensive ball, and hide, far away from the phone…

Does anyone have any ways that I could get over this phobia, or at least make it less debilitating? Note that I can’t really afford any expensive shrinks or therapists. I’m just a lolwly contractor, being mistreated by the government.


Posted in meow meow on January 27, 2009 by Mitsu

Just trying to keep OMM alive, I think this blog might have outlived its usefulness. Anyways, I haven’t really been feeling up to posting lately, and I can never remember to do a post weekly. I’m going to keep trying, and right now, I’ll do a new post about something that pisses me off to no end.

2009 is here!

Posted in meow meow on January 7, 2009 by Mitsu

This is my first post of the year! I haven’t posted since I got back from Montreal, since I was spending most of my time playing MapleStory, seeing friends, and all that good holiday stuff.

Now I’m back at the grind, and just like 08, I have a lot of beefs and issues to rant about. It’s going to be great! An issue arose on NYE: the fact that I’m completely invisible at clubs. Some guy almost sat on me, wtf? He should have been able to see me, but I guess he couldn’t…at least I managed to shift out of the way before getting squished. That was the last thing to happen to me in 08…not an impressive year at all.

Next, I’ll have to post about my encounters with Texan guys…they really seem to like me, for some odd reason.

Well, that’s all for now. No resolutions, just keep living my life and keep oomphing along. 🙂

On the way back home

Posted in meow meow on December 26, 2008 by Mitsu

So, I survived the damn xmas holiday, and I’m currently on the train home to Ottawa. It wasn’t too bad, I got time to chill out, and share a few laughs with the family. Right now, I’m living my nightmare though…

I’m on the train home, and there are two loud ass kids, and I’m getting a headache from clenching my jaw, and having my Ipod up to full blast, trying to drown them out. Why must I be cursed with having freaking brats near me?!!! On the way down, I never had this problem. What’s worse, is that the parents are egging them on, with all the tickling and such. GAAAH!!

This train can’t reach Ottawa soon enough…