This is the blog of myself, Mitsu, (a cat-lady) and my cat, Neko (who thinks she’s a girl). We just post random stuff, like our opinions, daily misadventures, and other processes that occur in the life of “Ottawa Meow Meow” (that’s us!) . There will sometimes be a mention of my boyfriend, who I’ll just call “hottie” for privacy purposes, and Boris, Neko’s russian hamster. Enjoy!

«Disclaimer: This is not one of those “life is beautiful, I love life” types of blog. This is all from an outsider’s perspective into the world. There are many different moods expressed here, some good, some bad and some social commentary. You’re entitled to your opinions, but all opinions expressed here are in good nature, and are not towards anyone in particular. Please don’t leave any nasty comments. Thanks.»

PS: If you visit this blog, like it, and want to add me to your blogroll, go right ahead! Just make sure to leave me a comment so I can return the favour.


3 Responses to “Mew?”

  1. What a coincidence! I just realized that I started this blog in “Maaaaay” 2007! Just like Neko says!

  2. hey cats and cat people – thanks for the blogroll add! i enjoyed surfing your page and will certainly be back to visit.


  3. Hi Mitsu! My PAN buddy Park Rose, a.k.a. lizard drinking (who commented above you on my recent post) lives in Nihon & has a very cool blog. Do check it out. I don’t post very often I’m afraid!

    That’s too bad CB scared you off. He’s been a lot mellower; he’s making a conscious effort. I think he scared Wandering Penguin off too, which sucks. He was hilarious.

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