Mitsu vs. The Evil Silicone Witch of Gatineau: The Invasion is Imminent

Time to resume the epic battle between opposites: the cool vs. the skanky.

Today, I was stamping some HR documents, just going about my daily business at the office. I knew that one of my colleagues was going on intensive language training, and that someone had to come replace her. In our discussions, we mentioned a few names of people who we thought it could be, since it was internal.  Eventually, she told me that it was someone from the Farm, but she said that it was from another division, so I didn’t think much of it.

It hadn’t occured to me that this person could be my arch nemesis, as I was enjoying a nemesis-free life, for once. No enemies, and since I’ve taken up boxing, I’ve gained more confidence and a better outlook on life. Yeah, everything was going smoothly for me.

So, as I was stamping the forms, I noticed that one had handwriting at the bottom that said “acting as such-and-such division’s assistant while Ms. Redhead is away on language training”. Being a curious cat, I looked up at the name….and….. (Insert horror movie music, screeching violins here)

dun dun DUUUNNN!!!

I saw the name… Silicone Witch… and was I ever lucky to be brown, as I could feel my ears and my face get hot…with RAGE.  I tried to keep my cool as I stamped the remaining documents, then I ran down to see my buddy, and tell her the bad news. She understood, as she knew her and knew what a nasty attitude the ho has.


That’s what I yelled when I got in my car, and told Hottie the bad news on my cell. I could only think one thing, even until now:


stay tuned for more episodes of this saga: The Witch returns September 2nd!


One Response to “Mitsu vs. The Evil Silicone Witch of Gatineau: The Invasion is Imminent”

  1. Hey there fellow Ottawite!? haha..I just moved here from the Maritimes last month, so I’m not too official or anything. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from another fellow cat lover that actually lives in the area. Most people that go on my site are from the States.
    hmmm..that cat lover freak club would be rad, I wonder if one exists or not..I’ll have to do some research!!
    anyways so nice to hear from you…:)

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