I have returned

from the dead! Well, not quite, but I haven’t posted in months, as there has been No. Time. At. All. Between work, racing, and MapleStory, it’s tough to find the time to update, but I’m going to try and make it happen this time around. I’ve started writing “cat raps”, so I’ll put some of those up here. I bought some beat maker software, but haven’t recorded myself yet…still a little too shy for that. (The good thing about rap, is that you don’t need a singing voice for that)

Anyways, there have been some major developments in my life lately, which give me lots to write about. A few examples are:

-I’m currently doing my masters in Poli Sci;

-Applying for a work visa to the US, and planning to move there in about 5 years;

-Cat progress; and other issues.

So, I’ve put a reminder on my calendar to post at least once a week. If I get inspired, I will post at other times as well.




One Response to “I have returned”

  1. Unadulterated words, some truthful words dude. Totally made my day.

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