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Posted in meow meow on February 23, 2009 by Mitsu

Wow, so much has happened lately, and honestly, I think I forgot that this blog existed! Thanks to Cats Working leaving a comment, it has spurred me to post again.

First of all, the results of the competition: I landed a new job at the director general’s office! I will be starting there on March 2nd. As far as my current job goes, I pretty much answer only 2 calls a day, and let the rest go to voicemail. I continue to do the rest of my job adequately, but I couldn’t care less about the phone line. That’s why voicemail was made.  I’ve been filling out all those annoying forms that come with a government job, and that takes up quite a bit of time, trying to get information from 10 years ago.

I’ve also been pushing myself to get outside and run, despite the cold. The treadmill bores me to death, and since race season is coming up in a few months, gotta start my training!

I’ve finally made level 70 in MapleStory, and I’m now a crusader. Mad skills! I married McGuinty (Hottie’s character) in the game, and it’s nice now, because I spend the time that I’m on there, socializing with my guildmates, instead of incessantly grinding and trying to level up. This also means that I’m spending less time on there…down to 1 hour in the evenings (which is damn good, considering that I don’t watch any TV…it’s too boring for me!), and 4 hours on weekend mornings, which means that I’m off at 12pm, trying to get other things accomplished.

Well, it’s pretty late now, so I’ll call it a night, and I’ll try to post at least weekly, to keep this thing alive.