2009 is here!

This is my first post of the year! I haven’t posted since I got back from Montreal, since I was spending most of my time playing MapleStory, seeing friends, and all that good holiday stuff.

Now I’m back at the grind, and just like 08, I have a lot of beefs and issues to rant about. It’s going to be great! An issue arose on NYE: the fact that I’m completely invisible at clubs. Some guy almost sat on me, wtf? He should have been able to see me, but I guess he couldn’t…at least I managed to shift out of the way before getting squished. That was the last thing to happen to me in 08…not an impressive year at all.

Next, I’ll have to post about my encounters with Texan guys…they really seem to like me, for some odd reason.

Well, that’s all for now. No resolutions, just keep living my life and keep oomphing along. šŸ™‚


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