On the way back home

So, I survived the damn xmas holiday, and I’m currently on the train home to Ottawa. It wasn’t too bad, I got time to chill out, and share a few laughs with the family. Right now, I’m living my nightmare though…

I’m on the train home, and there are two loud ass kids, and I’m getting a headache from clenching my jaw, and having my Ipod up to full blast, trying to drown them out. Why must I be cursed with having freaking brats near me?!!! On the way down, I never had this problem. What’s worse, is that the parents are egging them on, with all the tickling and such. GAAAH!!

This train can’t reach Ottawa soon enough…


One Response to “On the way back home”

  1. aandjblog Says:

    hope that you made it home safe. Sounds like you had a rocky train ride.

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