Maple Story update

On Sunday night, I participated in my first Guild Quest, with ClanDarkWolf. It was actually pretty neat, if only I were better at the jump quests! It was basically going into the Sharenian Dungeon, doing some jump quests, while the higher level members went into some of the attacking rooms. It’s pretty tough being only level 32, but I contributed by hitting a chain, causing a platform to lower onto the boss monster’s head, killing him! Sweet!  I’ve also been upgraded from a Pupp to Growler, and I’ve been there for about 3 weeks…it’s nice to see that I’m gaining a bit of fame and acceptance in the Maple World.

Yeah, not much exciting happening in my life lately, with all the crap weather and me being sick over the weekend, so I thought I’d post about MapleStory. I need to take a new screenshot of my avatar, and put it on here.


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