Treading water…

I got an e-mail on Friday, stating that I made the CR-4 pool at NRCan, in other words, the job I’m currently in. That’s great, so now, all my manager has to do, is to select me from that pool, for a term of 1 year. Ideally, I’d like to go somewhere busier, as the days fly by when I’m occupied. So, for the time being, I’m in the pool of candidates, treading water until I get fished out. Hope I get picked though, that would mean no more agency bullshit, and once I’m actually a gov’t employee, and no longer a contractor, I’ll be getting a bit closer to landing a policy job.

Hmm, this was a big announcement that I should have at least posted over the weekend, but it slipped my mind.

One Response to “Treading water…”

  1. NRCan, had a bad 3 months there….but good luck to you, hope your in 580 not 615

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