Public Service Announcement:


On Friday night, we went to see Quantum of Solace. I think it was a good movie, but we didn’t get to enjoy it much, considering that everyone around us was talking, grumbling, snorting (I’ll get into this later) talking on cells, and just being annoying in general.

Come on people, have some consideration! They play those messages before the show starts, asking you to turn your cell phones off, and just to let people enjoy the movie. All of you sitting around me, at the AMC Kanata, for the 10:30 showing, were in your seats at this time! Can you not read/hear/whatever?

The line cutting was another thing that pissed me off. We had to line up 1 hour before the showing time, in order to get in. Once the queue started moving, all these kids (teens and young adults) rushed past everyone waiting, then proceeded to try and hold large numbers of seats for their friends. I’m sorry, but it don’t work that way. I then decided to fly past them all, since they thought it was acceptable, and I really wanted to see the movie. I had tickets at SilverCity, for 7, but both rooms were full when we got there, so I had to get my money back. We phoned other theatres close by, but they were all sold out, so we drove all they way out to Kanata, after hearing they had 200 seats left. Needless to say, I was not losing my place this time!!!

Mentioning the full rooms at SC Gloucester: they weren’t really full, but no one would move over. There were groups of 4 people, 1 free seat, 6 people, another seat, and so on. Come on! If it bothers you that much to be next to a stranger for 2 hours, in silence, watching a movie, then you should wait till it comes out on DVD. There were some break-your-neck-looking-up at-the-screen seats available, but I didn’t stick around. It gets distorted at that angle.

Talkers, et al: I thought it was common sense not to talk at the movies, nor complain about it. I must admit, I do it sometimes, but not on premiere night! I do it when the theatre is not so crowded, and I won’t disturb anyone close to me. As for laughing, it’s low snickers, unless everyone laughs. These kids behind us were talking loudly enough to be disturbing, and would laugh and snort like pigs, at times where there was nothing funny happening in the movie. They tended to do this at the quiet parts as well. How irritating! The girl next to me, and her bf kept mumbling and grumbling the whole time. I thought it might have been Hottie, but when I looked at him, he was just eating smarties. Damn it, if you hate the movie that much, just get up and leave! Same for the smattering of people who thought it was appropriate to yell out comments. If I had known that were the case, then I should have been howling and ow’ing whenever Bond was on screen. With my luck, that would have gotten me kicked out. For the others, not so much. Oh well, now I know… I’ll have to rent it on DVD, so I can actually enjoy the movie, sans comments, grumbles, cells ringing or pig snorts.


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