week of Oct.24-Nov.2 update

I’ve been busy this week, so not much time to blog. I’m still working out every other day, just to keep the stress away. Work has been blah, but now thisngs should pick up now that we have a new minister. Not a hot guy though 😦 . In fact, the “hot guy” suffered the biggest demotion of anyone in the cabinet. Oh well, life goes on, but just the fact of knowing that I had a hot minister, helped to give me a little oomph to get out of bed and be a drone for 8 hours. Now, I don’t know where that oomph will come from…

The US elections are Tuesday, and I’m actually starting to get excited, since I want to know what the outcome will be. I wasn’t into the primaries and all that, it was just too tedious for me. Of course, we all know who I’m for… gotta represent that brother, lol!

Cats: they’re being catty. I set up catster pages for them today, and they’ve gotten some friend requests and invitations. Maybe that’s why I’m so anti-Facebook… none of my so-called friends ever message me, or do anything but spam me with dumbass apps. I go on there maybe once every 2 weeks, or if someone actually accepts a request from me, or writes on my wall. It’s all over rated.

Maplestory: I’m now a level 31 Fighter, and I’m part of a guild – ClanDarkWolf. It’s actually composed of other adults (I’m one of the youngest), which is nice, because they’ve been so nice and welcoming, as opposed to most people in the game. It’s actually cool to be part of something in the game, other than wandering the worlds aimlessy, and just killing monsters.

Well, there’s my update, if anything exciting happens, I’ll keep you posted!

BTW, I’m naming all my updates with the dates now, since they’re usually done weekly.

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