Who knew

That people back in the 50’s and 60’s were the experts on making cute kids’ shows? I mean, cute OVERLOAD! Back in the late 80’s, I watched some shows that were cute, like Thomas the Train, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Mr. Rogers (I loved the meow meow kitty who lived in a tree),  Mr. Dressup and some others that I can’t remeber the names of. Sure, they were a lot more cute than what the kids now are staring at, but none were as adorable as Tales of a Riverbank.

I had never seen the show, but I was reading Rust and Bone, a collection of short stories, about dogfighters, repo men, and other people who would be the roughest around, no cuteness there. In one of the stories, the repo guy goes to tow some guy’s camper away, but discovers that he’s making a version of a kiddy show called “Riverside Tales”. (All the names of real places and things were modified slightly in the book, to prevent copyright infringement.) Anyways, he had a bunch of rodents that he was filming, and doing a voice over so that they talked, just like in the cute show.

I was telling Hottie about the story last night, when he said ” I watched that as a kid!” I then asked if it was a real show, since the hamster in the book was called Sammy, (which is what we’ve decided to name our hamster, it’s a unisex name), and he said “No, it’s Hammy”. I googled “Hammy the hamster”, and that gave me the real name of the show, Tales of a Riverbank. I clicked on the YouTube link, and all I have to say is, KAWAII!!!!!

They have these animals, that live in these adorable little houses on the riverbank, and they “talk”. The talking was created by feeding them peanut butter, and filming them eating it, which simulated the talking gestures. I watched a few of these (they’re 5 minute stories), and I’ve actually experienced cute overload. I’ve never seen a show that adorable, it was so sweet! I noticed that they made a 2008 full-lenght movie, but just by visiting the site, I knew that they killed it. Real hammies and guinea pigs are cute, CG ones with faces that look somewhat human are creepy.

Now, whenever I’m feeling depressed, I’ll have to watch one of these, it will definitely put a smile on my face, and gve me the warm and fuzzies.


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