Update… and name the Hamster!

I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t had the chance to post since the election. Speaking of that, the night went great! We went to the party down at Mexicali’s on Bank & Walkley, after an evening of scrutineering. Of course, I was so tired the next day, considering that I’m not used to being out that late! Damn! I really have to get a life outside of election time, lol!

At the party, this Russian lady asked Hottie if he was from the McGuinty clan, since he looked like one. There was my moment of “See! I told you so!” to my hottie, cause I’ve been trying to tell him this for a few weeks before the election, since everyone at the campaign office noticed it. All the better for me…I may not have David McGuinty, but I’ve got his “stunt double”, that works!

Anyhoo, work is the same old, same old. We’re all waiting to find out who our minister will be. My speculation is that it will still be Gary, cause I can’t foresee a major cabinet shuffle happening. That’s just my opinion though. I’m also waiting to hear if I won the competition. I hope so, I’ve had it with my agency taking a huge cut of my pay, but refusing to give me a raise at all. I’ve worked for them for a year! What the hell?

We got a new hamster on the weekend, cause I’ve been having trouble sleeping withouth the pitter-patter of tiny hamster feet on the wheel. We got a girl, she’s got a black face, and a grayish body, and is long haired. I thought she was the cutest little scruffy thing. She still doesn’t have a name though… Can you give me suggestions in the comments section please?


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