Big election tomorrow!

It’s what I’ve been waiting for, tomorrow’s the day. If only I had been in the election spirit from the beginning, then it might have been better…Oh well. I was quite involved in the McGuinty campaign, and this is one time where I’m sucking it up, and voting for the local rep that will be better for us here, and not for the leader of the party. Yeah, I know the vote goes to Dion in the end, but I can’t really think about that. None of the party leaders seem to have any oomph, in my opinion. We’re going to have another minority, and we’ll be voting again in another year or so…

Anyways, I’ll be going out now to deliver some flyers, and then I’ll be at the Ottawa South get-together tomorrow night. Meow!

* Job status update: my boss informed me that they’re conducting a reference check on me… that’s a good sign!*


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