Welcome to McGuintyland

Population: about 176,000, and a hell of a lot of McGuintys, according to an article in the Ottawa Citizen today. I found it actually quite interesting, it was about the challenges that the other candidates have, running here in Ottawa South. I know, it would be tough, that’s why I didn’t run:). Anyways, I just say that, since the NDP candidate, Hijal De Sarkar, is 24, and is still a poli sci student. I have my degree, maybe I should have become a candidate? I could have, but I’m not NDP though. I’ve mentioned that I’m disillusioned with the party system here. I’d like to run as an independent someday, but not here in McGuintyland… another one might come out of the woodwork and run in the future.

Anyhoo, speaking of McGuinty, he came to my building Tuesday night, canvassing. I saw him outside my apartment, and he was definitely hitting on me…SWEET! He mentioned that I was “looking fit” and winked at me, which may not mean much to anyone else, but I’ve never got that kind of attention from any male, not even my boyfriend. (I had to make all the moves when we met). It made me feel a lot better about myself, and helps a lot with my depression… now if only I could get hit on more, I wouldn’t need to be taking Prozac!

This morning, on my drive to work, I saw McGuinty again, down at the corner of Bank and Heron. He was out there with a couple of young guys, holding signs, and waving at cars. Of course, I started honking like a maniac, and he recognized me! I had my passenger window rolled down, so he could throw in a quick “How are you doing?” without holding up traffic. Had to keep moving though, the driver behind me was starting to get pissed, but that made my day. When I got to work, one of my colleagues meowed at me (that’s how most people at the office say hi to me now), and I let out a loud, happy MEOW! She then asked “Why are you so happy”, and my answer was “I saw David McGuinty!”. She understood though, since they all know I’m a feline political junkie. I love living in McGuintyland!


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