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Who knew

Posted in meow meow on October 27, 2008 by Mitsu

That people back in the 50’s and 60’s were the experts on making cute kids’ shows? I mean, cute OVERLOAD! Back in the late 80’s, I watched some shows that were cute, like Thomas the Train, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Mr. Rogers (I loved the meow meow kitty who lived in a tree),  Mr. Dressup and some others that I can’t remeber the names of. Sure, they were a lot more cute than what the kids now are staring at, but none were as adorable as Tales of a Riverbank.

I had never seen the show, but I was reading Rust and Bone, a collection of short stories, about dogfighters, repo men, and other people who would be the roughest around, no cuteness there. In one of the stories, the repo guy goes to tow some guy’s camper away, but discovers that he’s making a version of a kiddy show called “Riverside Tales”. (All the names of real places and things were modified slightly in the book, to prevent copyright infringement.) Anyways, he had a bunch of rodents that he was filming, and doing a voice over so that they talked, just like in the cute show.

I was telling Hottie about the story last night, when he said ” I watched that as a kid!” I then asked if it was a real show, since the hamster in the book was called Sammy, (which is what we’ve decided to name our hamster, it’s a unisex name), and he said “No, it’s Hammy”. I googled “Hammy the hamster”, and that gave me the real name of the show, Tales of a Riverbank. I clicked on the YouTube link, and all I have to say is, KAWAII!!!!!

They have these animals, that live in these adorable little houses on the riverbank, and they “talk”. The talking was created by feeding them peanut butter, and filming them eating it, which simulated the talking gestures. I watched a few of these (they’re 5 minute stories), and I’ve actually experienced cute overload. I’ve never seen a show that adorable, it was so sweet! I noticed that they made a 2008 full-lenght movie, but just by visiting the site, I knew that they killed it. Real hammies and guinea pigs are cute, CG ones with faces that look somewhat human are creepy.

Now, whenever I’m feeling depressed, I’ll have to watch one of these, it will definitely put a smile on my face, and gve me the warm and fuzzies.


Update… and name the Hamster!

Posted in meow meow on October 22, 2008 by Mitsu

I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t had the chance to post since the election. Speaking of that, the night went great! We went to the party down at Mexicali’s on Bank & Walkley, after an evening of scrutineering. Of course, I was so tired the next day, considering that I’m not used to being out that late! Damn! I really have to get a life outside of election time, lol!

At the party, this Russian lady asked Hottie if he was from the McGuinty clan, since he looked like one. There was my moment of “See! I told you so!” to my hottie, cause I’ve been trying to tell him this for a few weeks before the election, since everyone at the campaign office noticed it. All the better for me…I may not have David McGuinty, but I’ve got his “stunt double”, that works!

Anyhoo, work is the same old, same old. We’re all waiting to find out who our minister will be. My speculation is that it will still be Gary, cause I can’t foresee a major cabinet shuffle happening. That’s just my opinion though. I’m also waiting to hear if I won the competition. I hope so, I’ve had it with my agency taking a huge cut of my pay, but refusing to give me a raise at all. I’ve worked for them for a year! What the hell?

We got a new hamster on the weekend, cause I’ve been having trouble sleeping withouth the pitter-patter of tiny hamster feet on the wheel. We got a girl, she’s got a black face, and a grayish body, and is long haired. I thought she was the cutest little scruffy thing. She still doesn’t have a name though… Can you give me suggestions in the comments section please?

Ode to the crazy lady

Posted in meow meow on October 13, 2008 by Mitsu

Yesterday evening, at around 5, we went to Oriental House for some Chinese. It’s one of those hole-in-the-wall places in Ottawa, which happen to be really good. I favor these places over large chain restaurants anyday. It also happens to be real chinese, as the owner’s family is always eating down there, so that’s a good sign.

Anyways, we were just getting our food, when this older couple arrived. They were discussing poetry that the guy had written, but I could not hear his voice in the conversation. The lady kept going on, giving advice such as “it has to have nature in it”,” the birds were soaring above the clouds, the maple sap was flowing”, and other stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good that you like poetry, but is it necessary to be so bloody loud? I was starting to get a headache just listening to her. I got inspired by this, and wrote down this little poem on a napkin, while we waited for the bill.

There once was a crazy lady,

Who was quite irritating.

She spoke loudly and incessantly,

it was very frustrating.

She claimed to be giving

Poetic advice.

Disturbing all in the restaurant,

She was not at all nice.

It was time to get our bill,

Relief for us was near.

For this crazy lady,

We would no longer have to hear!

Big election tomorrow!

Posted in meow meow on October 13, 2008 by Mitsu

It’s what I’ve been waiting for, tomorrow’s the day. If only I had been in the election spirit from the beginning, then it might have been better…Oh well. I was quite involved in the McGuinty campaign, and this is one time where I’m sucking it up, and voting for the local rep that will be better for us here, and not for the leader of the party. Yeah, I know the vote goes to Dion in the end, but I can’t really think about that. None of the party leaders seem to have any oomph, in my opinion. We’re going to have another minority, and we’ll be voting again in another year or so…

Anyways, I’ll be going out now to deliver some flyers, and then I’ll be at the Ottawa South get-together tomorrow night. Meow!

* Job status update: my boss informed me that they’re conducting a reference check on me… that’s a good sign!*

On the campaign trail

Posted in meow meow on October 7, 2008 by Mitsu

this weekeend. On Saturday, I was out canvassing. Pretty much uneventful, I ran into a cat lady, who has an FIV-positive cat, who lives outside in a cathouse that she made for him. So cute! On Sunday, Hottie and I went out, dropping brochures. That was more fun, since it was just the two of us, and we didn’t have to talk to anyone. It took us about 2 hours.

Yesterday, we attended the all candidates debate over at Hillcrest High, which was interesting.

I have to change the subject of this post. I just found Boris dead in his cage. He’s been with us since May 31, 2007. I believe he died of old age, but it’s still really sad…R.I.P. Boris◊

Welcome to McGuintyland

Posted in meow meow on October 2, 2008 by Mitsu

Population: about 176,000, and a hell of a lot of McGuintys, according to an article in the Ottawa Citizen today. I found it actually quite interesting, it was about the challenges that the other candidates have, running here in Ottawa South. I know, it would be tough, that’s why I didn’t run:). Anyways, I just say that, since the NDP candidate, Hijal De Sarkar, is 24, and is still a poli sci student. I have my degree, maybe I should have become a candidate? I could have, but I’m not NDP though. I’ve mentioned that I’m disillusioned with the party system here. I’d like to run as an independent someday, but not here in McGuintyland… another one might come out of the woodwork and run in the future.

Anyhoo, speaking of McGuinty, he came to my building Tuesday night, canvassing. I saw him outside my apartment, and he was definitely hitting on me…SWEET! He mentioned that I was “looking fit” and winked at me, which may not mean much to anyone else, but I’ve never got that kind of attention from any male, not even my boyfriend. (I had to make all the moves when we met). It made me feel a lot better about myself, and helps a lot with my depression… now if only I could get hit on more, I wouldn’t need to be taking Prozac!

This morning, on my drive to work, I saw McGuinty again, down at the corner of Bank and Heron. He was out there with a couple of young guys, holding signs, and waving at cars. Of course, I started honking like a maniac, and he recognized me! I had my passenger window rolled down, so he could throw in a quick “How are you doing?” without holding up traffic. Had to keep moving though, the driver behind me was starting to get pissed, but that made my day. When I got to work, one of my colleagues meowed at me (that’s how most people at the office say hi to me now), and I let out a loud, happy MEOW! She then asked “Why are you so happy”, and my answer was “I saw David McGuinty!”. She understood though, since they all know I’m a feline political junkie. I love living in McGuintyland!