The “Mews”

Yeah, a lot has happened since I last posted on here. Now, for the mews:

Work: I have an interview for the job that I’m currently in, on Monday. If I get the term, it would be wonderful, as I wouldn’t have to deal with the placement agency taking so much of my paycheque. All the money I make would be mine! Not to mention all the other perks that come with being an actual government employee, and not just a contractor. I’m nervous, as I tend to be shy, and do horribly at interviews, but my boss has coached me a bit, so it may work out.

Elections: I’ve made up my mind, finally. I’m voting McGuinty. Not Liberal, mind you, as I despise Dion as a leader, and the party really needs to get their act together before we put them back in government. I say I’m voting McGuinty, since he’s the only one who stands a chance here in the south end, and honestly, I kind of like him. Not as much as I do his older brother, but I ran into him while he was campaigning on Smyth Rd., and I was on the home stretch of my run. I stopped, and he started chatting with me, and I gave him my ring code, so that his crew can get into my building to campaign. Not to mention that he “checked me out”…I love that kind of attention from any hot guy, and my mind was made up then! Now, that has got to be the easiest vote that he’ll get, considering that I voted Tory in the last 2 elections.

That’s it for this issue of The Mews!


One Response to “The “Mews””

  1. I wish you the best of luck, let us know how it all went down. I’m routing for you!!!!

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