I think I’ve decided

that I’ll vote for the hot guy, once again. As I mentioned before, the Liberals are disorganized, and have a wimpy leader, and the NDP… who knows? I noticed a lot of Green party signs around here today during my run, but there were double the amount of re-elect McGuinty signs. Oh well, I’ll just vote for Harper the hottie, one less vote for the Liberals. I know it’s not the greatest reason to vote for someone, but I’m disillusioned at this point. Let’s just get it over with, so we can get back to business. It would be nice if they got a majority this time around…that’s not likely though.

Anyways, trying to think about happier things, the cats are doing great, except for the occasional rough-and-tumble cat fight that seems to happen every night after we’ve gone to bed. We usually let them go at it, until there’s either too much thumping, or Neko yelps on the top of her lungs once Priya gets a hold of her, then it’s spray time. I think it’s a conspiracy to get into the most violent fight after we’re pretty much dozing off, to get us up, and paying attention to them. Who knows what goes through their little heads.

People on the Net are just plain strange. Yesterday, when I was playing MapleStory, some guy asks if I want to go out with his friend, in the game. I’m like “it’s just a game, dudes, chill out!” I mean, in the game, they have little weddings and crap, and you’ll see the occasional “looking 4 a gf, ovr lvl 25 no noobs” shoutout, that everyone can see. Whatever, I just play to relieve stress, and I’m only on for an hour every 2 days or so. In other words, I have a life outside of the Internet! I never really thought much of it, until I got “hit on”. I suppose people do it in Second Life and stuff, but this is MapleStory. It’s just a little “fantasy” world where you travel and kill monsters. Not a Second Life type of thing. People take these games way too seriously. Anyways, I’ll leave you with a pic of my character in MS, my “mini-me” always looks pissed… why would someone ask her out? Strange.

this is my avatar in the game, I made it to resemble me somewhat.

this is my avatar in the game, I made it to resemble me somewhat.



One Response to “I think I’ve decided”

  1. The main thing is that in future games we have not replaced real life …

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