Not another election…

again. Being the political junkie that I am, you’d think an election would be welcome news, but not this time. Actually, I’m somewaht bummed out by the prospect of having a new minister at our department, and no longer the hot guy. In fact, it’s quite depressing, since my job is utterly unmotivating, and it already takes a lot of effort just to get through one day there… Whenever I get discouraged, I just think of the hot minister, and it makes things a lot better. Odd, I know. I even have his pic in my office to remind me that it’s not that bad. Even if the Tories get re-elected, there’ll be a cabinet shuffle.

At this point, I’m undecided. I like Harper, I think he’s hot, but that’s not a good reason for voting for someone. Then again, I live in “McGuinty-ville”, possibly the most liberal area in Ottawa. I like them provincially, but not at all federally. They need to get their shit together, before they can govern a country again. My cats have made it clear that they are voting Green…they keep saying “May” as in Elizabeth May… What do they think? That if the Greens get elected, they’ll get more catnip and cat grass? Oh well, as long as they’re not Dion supporters, it’s all good.

One Response to “Not another election…”

  1. We all know Harper’s got the goods, but one thing the conservatives need to do is help the Parliament Hill cats, I mean give the “group” some cash to help those animals.

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