The Adventures of Ottawa Meow Meow: Mitsu vs. the Evil Silicone Witch of Gatineau

So, I should write about stuff that pisses me off, eh? Well then, here’s a little story for you. I’ve been having to deal with the most vapid, slutty bitch with fake boobs, who would do anything to try and push my buttons/make me jealous/piss me off, and does she ever!

Last week she came back to work after a 2-month long vacation. Now, I don’t care who you think you are, no one in the government takes as much vacation as this ho. Then on her first day back, she tells me that she was partying at some club in Mtl with a former hot politician who I liked. (Note the past tense there, once he got caught in a messy security breach and got fired, I got turned off) Yeah, I was a bit peeved, but I got home, went for a long run, played MapleStory, and forgot about it. Called it a night.

Then next day, all was fine and well at work, the morning went by without a snag. Then in the afternoon, this bitch starts doing this little “na-na-na” childish thing, where she rubbed it in my face that she met him, and that he was staring at her big boobies.  Was I ever pissed at this point! I’m sure that if I were an anime character, there would have been that angry look on my face, and the black stormcloud over my head. The bimbo even remarked that I looked pissed off. Brilliant observation, Detective!  That afternoon, I sat in my office, fuming, and annoyed that so many guys wanted this girl just because she had fake boobs,  and despite the fact that she’s not all that pretty, and is extremely immature. When I got home, Hottie told me to “forget about it, she’s just a slut”, and even though I tried, I couldn’t get her taunting voice out of my head. (That’s one part of depression, little things can ruin your whole day, prevent you from sleeping, etc). I felt really bad about myself at the time, thinking that the reason why I never got noticed by guys, and didn’t get any respect, was because of my little “kitty titties”.

On Wednesday, I was trying not to think too much about it, and trying to live my life. That afternoon, I was talking to one of the admins, when she walks in, and starts going on about it again! At first, I walked out, with my hands over my ears, going “laa-laa-laa”, but when I heard her laughing at me, I snapped. I stormed in there, yelled at her, and expressed my disgust. I tore into that bitch, knocking her slutty dress, her fake jugs, and her nasty ass attitude. She was so shocked, just looking at me, and doing a nervous laugh. I stood up, and faced that demon whore, and told her off!!! I felt empowered, as if my small show of aggression, without resorting to violence, intimidated her, which it did! I have never felt better about myself! I figuratively slayed that bitch!!! THIS…IS….SPARTA!!!!! (Sorry, I use that mantra a lot, when faced with adversity. It’s simple…just keep fighting, like the Spartans)

Anyways, the story ended well. It’s been a week since this happened, and she still won’t talk to me using more than 2 sentences, and she’s keeping it professional. Her office mate told me that the evil bitch is actually a bit scared of me, since she thinks I’m a psycho that will go off without warning and kick the silicone right out of her. It’s because I tend to be quiet and unassuming, so that was unexpected. Oh well, I don’t mind being considered a psycho, if it grants me some respect and peace!

I will post more of the Adventures of Ottawa Meow Meow once they happen. I think it’s kind of cute!


One Response to “The Adventures of Ottawa Meow Meow: Mitsu vs. the Evil Silicone Witch of Gatineau”

  1. I also work for the man, and yeah, there’s always a douche that think’s wayyyyy too much of themselves, I say start a rally and get this losers out of work.

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