I’m back

from a blogging hiatus. I wasn’t really feeling inspired to post, and then again, it’s summer. I was out and about, enjoying the nice weather and all.

So, not much has changed anround here, Neko & Priya are the best of friends now, and I’ve got some new pics of them. Hottie’s doing ok as well, I suppose. We’ve had to discuss his lack of interest in me, and after that, things have changed for the better.

I hear that there might be an election soon. It’s all fine and well, but this time, I’m not looking forward to it. If there’s an election, the cabinet will change, and I won’t have the hot minister anymore… it’s kind of sad, it’s one of the things that keep me motivated to work where I am now, instead of seeking out another contract somewhere else. (if you look back to my older posts, or have been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know who the “hot minister” is…he’s really short).

Anyways, I need to think of some material to post on here… I’ll leave you now with some pictures of my girls.


One Response to “I’m back”

  1. Politics, I have a few words about this, but I wont say them here, but let’s vote Conservative…Justice For All in my opinion.

    You should also blog about whatever pisses you off, that helps. Great specimens you have there. Meow…

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