YAY!!! Unblocked!!

WOW!!! WordPress is finally unbocked at work!! Now I can write more posts! I’ll try not to spend too much time on here though, cause I don’t want it to get blocked again! Anyways, this is really refreshing for me, being able to post once the inspiration strikes!

Well, the hot guy from out of town is leaving on Tuesday, so that’s kind of sad. It’s nice to know that there’s actually someone out there who enjoys my company… People in Ottawa are so caught up in their little family bubbles, they have no time to be nice to anyone else, oh well. I’ll have to head down south this winter for a visit, and it’s an excuse to escape the cold!

We have to get Priya fixed eventually, but I want to wait until she has her first heat cycle. After heat, Neko became a lot friendlier, and we’re hoping it will do the same for Priya. Right now, she’s just a teenage trouble maker, giving us attitude, talking back to us, and beating up on little Neko. That’s what happens at 8 months, I guess.

well, I’d better go for now, so that I don’t get WP blocked out again! Meow!


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