update again…

I’m still here…I have to remember that I have a blog. (I know that Andie Summerkiss is wondering what’s happened to the cats and I…meow!) It’s been a mad busy summer for me, with work and everything else happening out there. I’m going to post on all these things, once I get the chance. Enough of that. Here’s what’s been happeing in the world of Ottawa Meow Meow:Cats: they’re doing great. Neko is 5lbs, and Priya is 8lbs!! She’s such a big cat, but she’s grown nicely into her paws and ears. She looks like she has some Siamese in her, being so long. Neko is still her “promiscuous” self, rolling around provocatively whenever a guy friend will come over.

Work: going good, not much excitement there though. I do have a carpool buddy now, so I don’t feel so guilty about driving to work, now that I have a passenger.

Life: stange, as usual. I’m still disillusioned with society, and will always be. Guys only check me out when I’m driving, which proves that I’m only wanted for my car. I’ve been out to the bars just once this summer, and I feel as if I’m getting too old for all that… I probably am. While my hottie was out of town, I made a new friend (wow…) but just my luck, he lives really far away… oh well, it gives me an excuse to travel. Not to mention that my hottie is getting tired of me, and is always grumpy. I’m getting sick of it, but I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it. It will be interesting when we take a trip for the civic long weekend into the middle of nowhere…me, hottie, his parents, and the 2 freaking annoying kids…I’m glad I’m flying back.

Anyways, that’s enough ranting for now, I’ll have to post on some of the more positive things that have happened to me lately. Meow.


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