Snakes On A Balcony!!!

No, it’s not the name of a new movie, but it’s something even better for all you city people out there. New Yorkers, pay special attention, as this will help you greatly.

Tired of pigeons on your balcony, and have you tried just about anything? I have. We’ve installed a fake owl, which is no more than a decoration now, and we’ve pretty much stopped short of installing pie tins on strings, pinwheels, and any other thing that blows in the wind, and looks damn tacky. (Lots of people in my complex have done this) We were constantly finding nests, and the occasional pigeon egg. By talking to another tenant, I have discovered the cheap and easy solution: Plastic snakes!

We put the gray snake into the pot that they were nesting in (all those cables are for our satellite), and the yellow one on the edge of one of our flower trays. So far, we have not seen one pigeon attempt to land on the balcony! I have not heard them cooing loudly in the morning, either. I was watching the pigeons today, and they would try to land on the satellite dish, but as soon as they saw the snake, they would “reverse” in mid-air, and get the hell away! Pretty funny actually. I think this might even work for starlings, and other nuisance birds.

The best part is that the snakes are dirt cheap! We got these 2 in a pack, at the dollar store, for a buck! Just look in the toy section, most dollar stores have fake snakes. This is also humane, as it doesn’t harm the birds in any way, it only discourages them from landing/nesting/crapping all over your balcony.

Try it out, and let me know if it works! 

2 Responses to “Snakes On A Balcony!!!”

  1. James Nealon Says:

    That idea is uniquely kickass, will definitely have to try it.

  2. it won’t work for long – pigeons are a bit more intelligent than you think!!!

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