Big race, and the discovery of something new

So, Saturday was my first 5K, and it was kind of neat. I mean, I ran most of the course with only one walk break, and I managed to finish at 29:45.6! Not a bad time for a newbie, eh! If I had been at the front of the pack at the start, it might have been a little bit better. There were just too many people to pass! Next year, I’m doing the 10K though… I didn’t like racing alongside kids and teens, it just made it seem less serious to me. The 10K has an 18+ age limit.

This weekend, when I was driving home, I noticed a license plate holder on a car that said I ‘ve heard of it, then I looked it up and found out that it would be a great hobby for Hottie and I, since we don’t really have much of the same interests. He likes to be outdoors, and I like to find things, so this was it! So, last night, we went down to Strathcona park, to look for a cache called Strathcona’s Folly, named after a really neat sculpture they have there. It’s like ancient Roman ruins, with sculptures of cute little animals on it. I mean, tiny bronze rabbits on a sundial? Adorable! Anyways, we didn’t need a GPS device to find this cache, and since we don’t have one, this was one of the few caches that had enough clues to find it on our own. I ended up finding it in some rocks, and it was actually pretty exciting to find a cache for the first time! That, or my life is boring. I think it’s both. I took the Nickelback Geocoin, wich is trackable, and I left a sheep and a ladybug toy. This was a good way to find neat places in our city, and we’re getting a GPS device, and we’re planning to find more caches! check it out!


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