5k tomorrow! Yay!

I’m so pumped! It’s the first time I’m participating in the Ottawa Race Weekend, and it’s going to be fun! I’ve improved so much on my street runs over the past 2 weeks, and I’ve learned to live with the little pains in my knee.

Anyways, I’ve found the place in my mind that other runners speak of… Funny thing is, it came to me when I was watching the movie 300…I get inspired by the oddest things. So, whenever I run, I have those lines from the movie going through my mind ” This is SPARTA!!!! There is no giving up….blah blah blah”. Well, they were crazy-ass warriors, and I tend to have that mindset, and it does work! I managed to do a 5k practice run yesterday…AAARRR!!! (or however Spartans yell). I’m going to finish this race tomorrow, and it will be sweet! I will report on it once it’s done.



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