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Big race, and the discovery of something new

Posted in meow meow on May 28, 2008 by Mitsu

So, Saturday was my first 5K, and it was kind of neat. I mean, I ran most of the course with only one walk break, and I managed to finish at 29:45.6! Not a bad time for a newbie, eh! If I had been at the front of the pack at the start, it might have been a little bit better. There were just too many people to pass! Next year, I’m doing the 10K though… I didn’t like racing alongside kids and teens, it just made it seem less serious to me. The 10K has an 18+ age limit.

This weekend, when I was driving home, I noticed a license plate holder on a car that said I ‘ve heard of it, then I looked it up and found out that it would be a great hobby for Hottie and I, since we don’t really have much of the same interests. He likes to be outdoors, and I like to find things, so this was it! So, last night, we went down to Strathcona park, to look for a cache called Strathcona’s Folly, named after a really neat sculpture they have there. It’s like ancient Roman ruins, with sculptures of cute little animals on it. I mean, tiny bronze rabbits on a sundial? Adorable! Anyways, we didn’t need a GPS device to find this cache, and since we don’t have one, this was one of the few caches that had enough clues to find it on our own. I ended up finding it in some rocks, and it was actually pretty exciting to find a cache for the first time! That, or my life is boring. I think it’s both. I took the Nickelback Geocoin, wich is trackable, and I left a sheep and a ladybug toy. This was a good way to find neat places in our city, and we’re getting a GPS device, and we’re planning to find more caches! check it out!


5k tomorrow! Yay!

Posted in meow meow on May 23, 2008 by Mitsu

I’m so pumped! It’s the first time I’m participating in the Ottawa Race Weekend, and it’s going to be fun! I’ve improved so much on my street runs over the past 2 weeks, and I’ve learned to live with the little pains in my knee.

Anyways, I’ve found the place in my mind that other runners speak of… Funny thing is, it came to me when I was watching the movie 300…I get inspired by the oddest things. So, whenever I run, I have those lines from the movie going through my mind ” This is SPARTA!!!! There is no giving up….blah blah blah”. Well, they were crazy-ass warriors, and I tend to have that mindset, and it does work! I managed to do a 5k practice run yesterday…AAARRR!!! (or however Spartans yell). I’m going to finish this race tomorrow, and it will be sweet! I will report on it once it’s done.


knee-dles…no thanks!

Posted in meow meow on May 15, 2008 by Mitsu

Cortisone injection in a kneeI know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I just don’t have the time to keep up. I’m training for a 5K race which happens next weekend, btw, working full time, taking care of a hottie, an apartment and 2 kittehs, while attempting to maintain a social life…I’m freaking burnt out!

Anyways, there was a crazy move at work today…I have an office mate again, but was she ever snippy and pissed today! She says it’s due to my office set-up, but I think it all comes down to this: the family girl does not want to be seated in the same room as the cat lady, or so it seems to me. Oh well, that’s life. I’m dealing with it.

As far as race training goes, running outside is a lot harder than it seems! You have to deal with pollution, which makes it really difficult for me to breathe, and uneven road surfaces. Not to mention that a week ago, I was diagnosed with iliotibial band syndrome (read: killer back of knee pain). I’m going to tough it out until after the race, then I’ll switch to cycling. I refuse to get the treatment, which is a shot of cortisone to the back of the knee! That is just so scary, I have to get a pic of it on here.


Posted in meow meow on May 5, 2008 by Mitsu

This is so kawaii!! Cat sneezes are cute, but the little tiny *meew* after the sneeze is the best!