A sign in my building

I didn’t take a picture of it, but it’s been there for a while. It’s just referring to an animal by-law in our city, reminding people to scoop the poop, and so forth. Anyways, what never ceases to make me laugh quietly inside, is the following:

4. Cat owners are encouraged to control the activities of their cats. Cats should not roam freely and unsupervised.

I can understand the part about not letting cats roam, but control the activities of their cats? LOL! What kinds of cat activities go on in this building that I don’t know about? Loud cat parties in the middle of the day, when a night worker is trying to sleep?  Cat fights that are so violent, that the cops have to come to deal with the situation? Cats smoking ‘nip? These sound more like the activities of human residents here, not cats! As far as I know, the only activities that my cats partake in, both when we’re home and out, is wrecking our apartment, and wrestling with each other, and it’s all contained to our apartment. I have not had a complaint about loud cat sounds, even when Neko was going through heat. I really think that the city put that line in, cause some dog owner said “We’re not the problem, what about cats? They’re so troublesome, and give dogs a bad name! Deal with the cats and their uncontrolled activities!”  As for cats roaming freely, there is just one family that does let their cat out, just confront them, and that will be solved.  If I controlled the activities of my cats any more, they would need little agenda books with all their planned activities, and it would be like this:

Neko: Priya, want to wrestle and wreck the plants with me, and then hang out at the window?

Priya: Neko, we can’t! Right now, it’s scheduled grooming time! We have wrestling at 3, a 15-minute break, then pigeon watching at 4! It says it right here (points to day book).

Neko: Yeah, yeah, our controlled activities. I can’t wait till music at 5, when Mitsu gets home…I love singing, but I’m so burnt out! I want some free time to just be a cat!


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