Another thing that pisses me off…

It’s in this story…what’s wrong with people these days?

Man charged with cruelty after throwing cat from apartment window
Graham Hughes, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Thursday, April 17, 2008
OTTAWA – A 19-year-old Ottawa man faces two charges of animal cruelty after a cat was allegedly thrown from a second-storey window of an apartment buildings last month.

Investigators from the Ottawa Humane Society laid the charges after they responded to reports about the incident.
The 11-month-old cat broke its leg when it allegedly bounced off the fire escape before hitting the ground.
The owner of the cat surrendered him to the care of the society because she said she could not afford veterinary treatment for the animal.

The cat, nicknamed Lyle by society staff, had surgery to repair the leg fracture.
Jake Levert made a brief appearance in court on charges of causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal, and failing to provide suitable and adequate care to the same animal.

He is expected back in court in two weeks.
If convicted, he faces a $2,000 fine and/or six months in jail, and a two-year ban on owning animals.
Lyle spent several weeks in foster care while he recovered and was adopted last week.

© The Ottawa Citizen 2008


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