Kitten, and some more odd search terms.

priya2.jpgHere’s a long-awaited pic of by baby girl, Priya. This was taken a while ago, so she’s no longer that tiny…she’s almost as big as Neko-chan!

I was viewing my stats, and once again, I’ve found some wierd search terms on there. one entry was “web neko communist”. LOL! This is even funnier than the one about the cats wrecking the carpet. I wonder what goes through the minds of the people who google these things…Oh well, I’ve searched some odd stuff as well, I’m sure it’s on someone’s blog stats out there too. Web neko communist, that’s a great one though! I think it will make a good name for a page, or even the title of a story…hmmm, maybe I’ll write one about a communist cat! I have a cat named Neko, and she is a Maoist…he’s all she ever talks about! How cool is that!

Anyways, I should get going for now, I have some stuff to do before I call it a night, and I’m feeling pretty dizzy from the new antidpressant I was placed on last month…I got switched back to my Prozac yesterday, so I’m feeling so shitty cause of the “withdrawal” from the “Effexor”. That has got to be the worst drug ever, the side effects were killing me! The sooner this is out of my system, the better!


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