fat cats and dogs…not cute at all!!!

Well, it’s Sunday evening….which means it’s back to the office tomorrow…blah.  This weekend was not too exciting, just the usual stuff. We brought Priya in for her booster shots yesterday, which brings me to discuss an issue that bugs me:

Pet obesity. It’s becoming as much of an epidemic as human obesity. In some cases, you can see the correlation, like a pet “taking after their owner”, or large dogs who don’t get enough exercise (like most of the ones in my building. So many fat dogs here). I mean, yesterday, in the vet’s waiting room, there was this big-ass cat in a cat loaf position on a chair. He probably weighed at least 25 pounds, and was he ever grumpy! He attacked Priya, who was on her leash observing him (she’s never seen such a large cat in her life), then kept yowling and hissing at her, even though he was in his owner’s arms. The other people in the room told her that her cat should be restrained, and then he got put back into his cage. I must mention that this is the same make and model of cage that I use to carry both Neko and Priya in, and they both fit with lots of room. Two cats totaling 10 pounds. This large cat couldn’t even turn around in it!! I can’t believe that someone would overfeed their cat till he got that fat! The worst part is, he’s only 4 years old!!! The vet took us ahead of them, since he said we would be a quick visit (even though their appointment was before ours). Who knows what kinds of health problems this cat might have. Diabetes is so prevalent in pets these days, and it’s because of the obesity issue. I would never feed a cat that much, I mean, fat cats are ugly! Obese pets also have a lot of behavioural issues, possibly due to the fact that they’re in pain and can’t tell anyone.

Come on, pet owners, it’s time to be more responsible about your pet’s health. Just think about it this way: Ensuring that your pet has proper nutrition (no people food!) and enough exercise, will mean less vet bills in the future. I could just imagine how much the owner of that obese cat would have to pay for yesterday’s visit, and knowing my vet, I could tell that he did not have any good news for her.


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