cats are wrecking my carpet

That’s one of the search terms that someone used to find my blog. I know, my sick and twisted sense of humour finds that sentence funny…Who would have thought of googling that? LOL!!! It almost sounds like the cats are pests, that they want to get rid of.

Sure, cats scratch carpets, but you know what you can do, cats-wrecking-your-carpet person (if you ever come back to this blog)? Spray them!!! The spray bottle is what I use, when my cats “wreck” my carpet. Another thing, is to put down some cat repellent (found at pet stores) or something citrus-scented, on your carpets. it will keep the cats away. Most importantly, cats have a natural urge to scratch, so provide them with a scratching post. Put catnip on it to attract them to it, and reward them whenever they use it. These steps have all worked for my cats (except the cat repellent part – I never tried that, but an orange slice near a cat’s nose works just as well). Scratching posts don’t have to cost anything; mine is just a piece of carpet wrapped around a table leg, and the cats love it.

Anyways, what was supposed to be a post about search terms, ended up being a cat advice post. On another note, most of teh hits on my blog, are from people who are looking for a good haircut in Ottawa. Go see Kal at the Hair Centre in Rideau Centre, and then come back here and tell me what you think!

Honourable mention to Aftab at the Hair Centre in St. Laurent Shopping Centre, for best cheap haircut… I think it was 25$.


One Response to “cats are wrecking my carpet”

  1. Scratching posts are great inventions. So simple.

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