Kittehs have allergies too…

So, here I am, back at work after a crazy weekend. I didn’t get much time to rest, cause I had to put the apartment back in order after the sprayers came. I picked up the kittehs on Saturday morning, and were they ever happy to see us! I have never seen cats act that way towards humans before. In their little minds, they’re probably thinking “Yay!!! They came to get us!!! We’re going home!!!” How adorable. Anyways, I think the girls and I might be allergic to the bug spray. They were sneezing all weekend, and I had the same symptoms yesterday. It even started this morning, but once I got into my car, they went away. Hmmm…bugs or allergies? Which is worse? Hopefully the allergies will subside once the spray starts to fade away, but then the seasonal allergies will begin.

Well, I’ll try and do another “post by proxy” tomorrow… I’ll see if I have time to publish this one tonight first!

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