No kittehs tonight,

or tomorrow night either. Neko and Priya are staying at a colleague’s place until Saturday. The reason: we’re getting our apartment sprayed for carpet beetles tomorrow. I’ve seen the black carpet beetle larvae since I’ve lived here (for 2 years), but I’d just spray some flea spray on them, vacuum them up, and they’d be gone for a while. They’ve been really freaking me out, cause I can’t stand squirmy, worm-like insects. Maybe if I had seen an adult, it wouldn’t bother me as much, but I have yet to spot one. Hottie found a whole bunch of dead larvae under the carpet, where it meets the baseboard heater. Of course, I tripped and called the super to find out what these digusting little bugs were. Hottie said they were silverfish, but that made no sense, cause they were always found in the carpets, nowhere else. I callled them carpet bugs; little did I know that I was so close to the actual name of the insect.

It’s getting dealt with tomorrow, hopefully for good. On the bright side, we can be extremely thankful that we don’t have cockroaches!

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