I was really busy this week, which explains the lack  of posts. Anyways, here’s my update:

Priya is doing well. She received a clean bill of health (sweet!) and is growing really quickly. At 9 weeks, she’s already half the size of Neko! Everyone I know says she’s going to be bigger than Neko, and the tables will turn. Neko, if I were you, I’d stop beating up on Priya, she will get back at you!

Priya is definitely a “vigilante kitteh”. Sneaking around, climbing on furniture, and giving you that ” I don’t give a damn” look when you’re armed with the spray bottle, and sh’e on the dinner table. She exhibits all the typical traits of a vigilante kitteh : dark coat, so as not to be seen; walking on the keyboard in typical vigilante fashion, being an instigator and enlisting the aid of other resident cats in her vigilante exploits (aka wrecking the apartment).

Anyways, that’s all for meow…this will be tough, having 2 vigilante kittehs to deal with( although Neko is not a bad cat, she just follows Priya).


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