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fat cats and dogs…not cute at all!!!

Posted in meow meow on March 30, 2008 by Mitsu

Well, it’s Sunday evening….which means it’s back to the office tomorrow…blah.  This weekend was not too exciting, just the usual stuff. We brought Priya in for her booster shots yesterday, which brings me to discuss an issue that bugs me:

Pet obesity. It’s becoming as much of an epidemic as human obesity. In some cases, you can see the correlation, like a pet “taking after their owner”, or large dogs who don’t get enough exercise (like most of the ones in my building. So many fat dogs here). I mean, yesterday, in the vet’s waiting room, there was this big-ass cat in a cat loaf position on a chair. He probably weighed at least 25 pounds, and was he ever grumpy! He attacked Priya, who was on her leash observing him (she’s never seen such a large cat in her life), then kept yowling and hissing at her, even though he was in his owner’s arms. The other people in the room told her that her cat should be restrained, and then he got put back into his cage. I must mention that this is the same make and model of cage that I use to carry both Neko and Priya in, and they both fit with lots of room. Two cats totaling 10 pounds. This large cat couldn’t even turn around in it!! I can’t believe that someone would overfeed their cat till he got that fat! The worst part is, he’s only 4 years old!!! The vet took us ahead of them, since he said we would be a quick visit (even though their appointment was before ours). Who knows what kinds of health problems this cat might have. Diabetes is so prevalent in pets these days, and it’s because of the obesity issue. I would never feed a cat that much, I mean, fat cats are ugly! Obese pets also have a lot of behavioural issues, possibly due to the fact that they’re in pain and can’t tell anyone.

Come on, pet owners, it’s time to be more responsible about your pet’s health. Just think about it this way: Ensuring that your pet has proper nutrition (no people food!) and enough exercise, will mean less vet bills in the future. I could just imagine how much the owner of that obese cat would have to pay for yesterday’s visit, and knowing my vet, I could tell that he did not have any good news for her.



Posted in meow meow on March 25, 2008 by Mitsu


I’m back, from the Easter long weekend, and do I ever feel refreshed! At work today, I felt like I could take on anything, and I was nice and busy all day long! Tomorrow, I have 2 meetings to attend, and then another one on Thursday, that I have to prepare an agenda for. This is what I envisioned office life to be, and I’m glad that things are finally working out. Now that I’ve been there for 6 months, they’re starting to trust me with stuff, which means I can take on a lot more. This is great, because there’s nothing I hate more than a day with nothing to do at work… it just seems so unproductive and pointless. Anyways, I’d better not get my hopes up too much, cause I can sense that there might be a lull…

At home, things are fine. Neko and Priya are doing wonderfully, considering how hostile Neko was at the beginning. It’s been one month since this has become a two-kitteh apartment. I just have to get used to coming home to a door that won’t open, because the cats jammed the doormat up against it, the kitchen runner in disarray, and coins/pens/receipts/any small object that was on the counter, on the floor. They make up for it with their cuteness though.

Hottie and I were busy this weekend, doing all kinds of things on his 2 days off (I had all 4 off, lucky me!). On Saturday night, we went clubbing at Parliament… they have the best house/electro in all of Ottawa. We got there too early though, at 21:45. It’s just that last time, we got there for 23:00, and had to wait outside for 1/2 hour, then we paid this random guy 20$ each, and he got us in…weird. This time, we were the first ones there. I’d like to get out more often, but none of my friends like dance clubs (and they say I’m the dull one, eh!).

Sunday afternoon, we drove around in Quebec, and then Hottie pressured me to go “go-karting” with him. I really didn’t want to, but he paid, so I tried it…overrated! It’s dirty (you have to put on these prison jumpsuit things, that are all greasy and worn by others, same goes for the helmets), loud as hell (cause the engine, which resembles a boat motor, is on your right, and they don’t have transmissions. So, the faster you go, the louder it gets), and smelly (see previous note about engines, and you’re sucking in the carbon monoxide from karts passing you). We were the only ones on the track, so it wasn’t that bad, but those things are so damn hard to handle…I almost spun out in all the corners, so instead of doing a normal turn, I would speed up into the corner, then crank the steering all the way to the side, and “drift” through. That made it a little easier for me, but I found out after that I was blocking Hottie from passing me in certain places. Nice improvised tactic. I’m usually not competitive, so I was going slow, but when it comes to my Hottie, then I am. He started showing off by speeding past me and making me breathe his exhaust, so I showed him! I ended up beating him (and almost killing myself… the good thing about all that noise is that no one can hear you scream…I scream like Osaka from Azumanga Daioh, and no one needs to hear that). So, here I am, protecting the world from another showoff…

Well, that was my weekend, and my first day back at work, how was yours?

cats are wrecking my carpet

Posted in meow meow on March 18, 2008 by Mitsu

That’s one of the search terms that someone used to find my blog. I know, my sick and twisted sense of humour finds that sentence funny…Who would have thought of googling that? LOL!!! It almost sounds like the cats are pests, that they want to get rid of.

Sure, cats scratch carpets, but you know what you can do, cats-wrecking-your-carpet person (if you ever come back to this blog)? Spray them!!! The spray bottle is what I use, when my cats “wreck” my carpet. Another thing, is to put down some cat repellent (found at pet stores) or something citrus-scented, on your carpets. it will keep the cats away. Most importantly, cats have a natural urge to scratch, so provide them with a scratching post. Put catnip on it to attract them to it, and reward them whenever they use it. These steps have all worked for my cats (except the cat repellent part – I never tried that, but an orange slice near a cat’s nose works just as well). Scratching posts don’t have to cost anything; mine is just a piece of carpet wrapped around a table leg, and the cats love it.

Anyways, what was supposed to be a post about search terms, ended up being a cat advice post. On another note, most of teh hits on my blog, are from people who are looking for a good haircut in Ottawa. Go see Kal at the Hair Centre in Rideau Centre, and then come back here and tell me what you think!

Honourable mention to Aftab at the Hair Centre in St. Laurent Shopping Centre, for best cheap haircut… I think it was 25$.

Kittehs have allergies too…

Posted in meow meow on March 17, 2008 by Mitsu

So, here I am, back at work after a crazy weekend. I didn’t get much time to rest, cause I had to put the apartment back in order after the sprayers came. I picked up the kittehs on Saturday morning, and were they ever happy to see us! I have never seen cats act that way towards humans before. In their little minds, they’re probably thinking “Yay!!! They came to get us!!! We’re going home!!!” How adorable. Anyways, I think the girls and I might be allergic to the bug spray. They were sneezing all weekend, and I had the same symptoms yesterday. It even started this morning, but once I got into my car, they went away. Hmmm…bugs or allergies? Which is worse? Hopefully the allergies will subside once the spray starts to fade away, but then the seasonal allergies will begin.

Well, I’ll try and do another “post by proxy” tomorrow… I’ll see if I have time to publish this one tonight first!

No kittehs tonight,

Posted in meow meow on March 13, 2008 by Mitsu

or tomorrow night either. Neko and Priya are staying at a colleague’s place until Saturday. The reason: we’re getting our apartment sprayed for carpet beetles tomorrow. I’ve seen the black carpet beetle larvae since I’ve lived here (for 2 years), but I’d just spray some flea spray on them, vacuum them up, and they’d be gone for a while. They’ve been really freaking me out, cause I can’t stand squirmy, worm-like insects. Maybe if I had seen an adult, it wouldn’t bother me as much, but I have yet to spot one. Hottie found a whole bunch of dead larvae under the carpet, where it meets the baseboard heater. Of course, I tripped and called the super to find out what these digusting little bugs were. Hottie said they were silverfish, but that made no sense, cause they were always found in the carpets, nowhere else. I callled them carpet bugs; little did I know that I was so close to the actual name of the insect.

It’s getting dealt with tomorrow, hopefully for good. On the bright side, we can be extremely thankful that we don’t have cockroaches!

Cat nose!

Posted in meow meow on March 12, 2008 by Mitsu


I really like this photo of a cute cat nose. Now, it seems that there are lots of people on the net with a certain penchant for cat noses. Hell, there’s even a Flickr group called “My Cat Nose”. Anyways, I would like to get pics like this of my cats’ noses, but my baby girls just won’t stay still long enough for a picture! Damn it!





In praise of electro & house music

Posted in meow meow on March 11, 2008 by Mitsu

As I write this, I’m listening to Goldfrapp’s “Black Cherry” album. I know, some things I never tire of… wonderful electric… I’m not really a “party girl”, but I appreciate good electro & house music. I mean, I like all different types of music, but if it has a loud bass line and a kicking beat, then all the better. Right now, “Slippage” is playing. It’s not really a dance song cause it’s not fast enough, but it’s got such a loud thumping beat, that would make it a great summer driving song. Yes, I am one of those people who cranks their bass and drives around in my souped-up car with the windows down, blasting everyone around me… but I only do it downtown or when I’m stuck in traffic, not in residential areas. I digress.

Anyways, what I like about electro & house, is that they can set a mood, and move me, which not many things can. I mean, I listen and sing along to “Strict Machine” whenever I want to feel sexy, or I’ll listen to David Guetta when I’m heading out to the club, just to get pumped. I know, it sounds odd, but that’s just me. I’m sure most people have those certain tunes that make them feel happy, empowered, or just chill.

I rarely ever listen to anything slow except for when I’m at work, to break the silence in my office. I’m sure my coworkers wouldn’t appreciate Benny Benassi blaring from my office…even if you shut the door, it only masks normal speech.

Well, I’d best call it a night… note to self: don’t listen to electro & house before going to bed, or you’ll get all wound up…When will you learn, Mitsu?