The naming of cats

Our kitten now has a name… After much deliberation (well, not that much) we decided to name her Priya. Hottie was fine with it, seeing as he doesn’t care much about cats, and what they’re named. To him, they’re just cats. I looked at some kitten names yesterday, and Priya was my second choice. We would have called her Nisha, but that sounded too much like the name of his brother’s dog Misha. I want to be original, you know. Anyways, I think Priya suits her. Since she’s all black, like a Bombay cat, she had to have an Indian name. Even our vet, who happens to be Hindu as well, likes it.

This brings me to my point about the naming of cats. They deserve to have nice names, not like the names of food (Cookie, Muffin, etc) or based on their appearance (Fluffy, Smokey etc). Not that I have anything against people who name their cats this way, but it sounds too much like something a small child would do. If anyone has read “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”, they will know that cats deserve nice names (Although I found theirs a little bit much). Then again, I once had a cat named Cookie, but I didn’t name her, that’s what her previous owner called her.

So, let’s welcome the newest member of the Ottawa Meow Meow crew, Priya!


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