Monday’s mews

posted tuesday… Wordpress is blocked at work, so I write blog posts, send them to my personal e-mail, then copy and paste them onto here once I get the chance.

Yesterday night, I got a new kitten. She had belonged to a friend’s mom, who couldn’t manage having another pet (not to mention that another cat would have them over the city limit for numbers of pets). Anyways, I got a call at around 8:45 last night, to let me know that I could go pick up the kitteh whenever I want. Of course, I couldn’t wait, so I went to get her right away.

This little koneko mewed all the way home. It was funny to hear her do that. When we got her in the apartment, she just took her time and explored her surroundings. She’s such a brave little thing. Neko didn’t take very well to her though. She growled, hissed and hit the kitten in the face. All night, she would come to the door and hiss at the kitty, waking us up. She was being very mean to the newbie, considering that she was very friendly with Neko, and not hissing.

Well, we have them separated for now, and we’ll keep the kitten in the bedroom for this week. We’ll have to see how things turn out. As for names, she was called Mimzy, but that name was too boring for me. I think I’ll call her Nisha, which means night in Hindi. She is a black cat, after all.

Neko will not be too pleased, as I’m taking her to the vet for her yearly check-up today!


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