rest assured that…

even though my posts may be getting more sparse, but I’m not letting Ottawa Meow Meow die! One of the  things that really bugs me, is that when I find a great blog, the owner just decides to let it fade away into space.

Anyways, as I’ve been saying, it’s hard for me to write with all of these time constraints, but things are looking great for me! Work related, I just found out that my contract is extended until June 30th, so that gives me more time to breathe, and not worry so much. I’m going to start saving up now, because trying to save in May/June will be impossible! There are just too many birthdays in that period, mine included. 

Pets: they are all doing fine. Neko’s completely healed up now, and she looks great! The hair will be covering it all soon, and no one will know anything happened! Nezumi is not as skittish, now that I’ve trained her to realize that human=getting a treat. Wow, I never knew mice could learn so fast! Boris is his usual self, just go go going all the time!

The rumours about an election are dying down a bit, which is good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re really exciting, but I don’t want things to change right now! I like having a hot minister!


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