New cat stories…and hot politicians

I’ve been bitten by a creative bug, so I’m going to start writing stories and posting them on here, since there is not that much excitement in my life as of late. I usually like to blog during the day, but I can’t do that anymore…

Well, I’m just waiting for Hottie to get home, since he’s working a late evening tonight. I’ve come up with a few ideas for cat stories, so what I’ll do is I’ll write them out on paper, then I’ll type them up here when I come home. I have the best inspirations/ideas right when I’m in bed, suffering from BBS (Busy Brain Syndrome). I’ll put a writing pad on my nightstand so that when it strikes, I’ll just turn on the light and write away! I still don’t understand why my mind works that way. Same for when I’m commuting home, but I can’t write while driving…that’s illegal!

I know a lot of them will be politically inspired…The one that I’ll start tonight will have “Standing Committee” somewhere in it. I’m watching CPAC a lot now that the House is back, I’m such a political junkie… Well, I’ll be honest, I watch it for the hot guys. I don’t know why, but I get these wierd “crushes” on politicians. Hottie finds it annoying, but I mean, I took PoliSci in university, and I have worked on numerous campaigns. That’s my excuse.

Anyways, Hottie has finally come home, so I should get off the computer and spend some time with him. I’ll leave you now with a pic of my “Hot Politician of the Moment”

Minister of Natural Resources, Gary Lunn (this hot guy is technically my boss…I work at NRCan)

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