kitteh friendly phone

Yeah, so this weekend, after Hottie had some issues with his phone (I couldn’t reach him all day, and thought he went missing), we both ended up gatting new phones.

We went down to the mall at about 8pm Saturday night, and inquired about getting a phone for him. The sales guy then convinced me to switch companies, since I was bitching about the price of my current plan, and the 400$ disconnect fee. Turns out, he managed to waive that fee for me, and I got a new phone for 50$. Hottie’s phone was free, but I decided to pay a bit more for a nicer one, since I’m a bit of a tech freak. I love the camcorder on this thing! My older phone was one of those walkman types, so the camera was crap.

Anyways, it all comes down to this: My new phone is a lot more kitteh-friendly. It’s not a flip, just a phone that Neko can use easily, and she loves meowing into it whenever I’m using it. It’s all about the kittehs.


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