Year of the Rat…no Nekos?

maneki-neko.jpgSo, this year will be the year of the Rat… I’m not Chinese, but I still celebrate their New Year.

Anyways, I was just browsing through a few sites, and there are a lot saying that you shouldn’t display Maneki Neko, or Fortune Cat, because it will deter the rat from bringing you good fortune this year. What?! Me, not display a Neko?! I’d have to completely redecorate everywhere! My home, my office, and my car! Hell no!

I’m going to keep displaying my Maneki Nekos this year. They bring me luck, and the cat is my favourite animal (if you haven’t noticed by now). I think we will be fine. Rats are tough little creatures, and they won’t let a cat get in their way. I mean, they might even get along, just like they do in some kids’ shows. Thay would be so kawaii.


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