Neko’s operation

We had it done. Neko is now fixed. We had her spayed yesterday, and she seems to be fine. The vet and her assistants were really nice people, and Neko was given really good care. I like the fact that they put the sutures under the skin, so that she can’t pick at them. It’s just a tiny little cut, maybe about 2cm. I was more upset at the fact that one of her nipples was nicked when they shaved her belly, and now it’s all bloody, and she can’t stop licking it… Oh well, it could have been worse. Once her hair grows back, then everything will be fine. Speaking of hair, it’s cool how her skin has the calico markings; both black and pink. They put her under general anesthesia for the procedure, and gave her painkillers for afterwards. She’s still drugged out this morning, her pupils are dilated, and don’t look like regular “cat eyes” when you shine a light into them.  It was kind of funny, to see her limping around yesterday, and randomly growling at the wall or a speck of lint on the floor. Cats.

PS: while we were in the waiting room, a young tomcat, who was getting fixed as well, started “singing” to Neko. How adorable! He also knew that it was his last chance to get any “pussy”.

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