Mice and nose piercings…

So, things have been fine for Nezumi last night. She didn’t try to escape at all ( I think the presence of a cat might have beeen a deterrent). She comes out of her little mushroom house, explores the cage and wheel, even though she’s still too tiny to make it spin, and plays around with the water dispenser. I think she looks really happy in there.

About my nose piercing, it’s been about a month now. It no longer bleeds, but you can bump up the number of times it’s been ripped out, to 6. The last 3 times, were all in my sleep. I’d just get woken up by a sharp pain to my nose, then I would stumble out of bed, half-asleep, with a nose stud dangling, to put it back in. Unfortunately, the surrounding area gets really swollen after this happens, but I’ve been able to put it in, after stretching the hole with a larger ear stud.

Anyways, that’s my little update…I definitely need to take some pics of Nezumi before she grows up!

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