Happy “Mew” Year!

It’s a new year, time to try something new. I’m back at work after the holidays, which were more stressful than anything. I wanted to go out for new year’s, but wew couldn’t decide where to go, so we had a little cat party at my place. If anyone’s wondering what a cat party is, well, it’s just like any other small house gathering, only that you bring your cats. It could have been better if it weren’t new year’s though…cat parties are a little too mild for that day.

Well, it’s really quiet here at work…I’m actually replacing another assistant right now, so I’m not at my usual station…This keyboard is pissing me off! My contract was extended until March 8th, which is great! A little less stress for me. Now I have more time to work on my CV and look for something else…

That’s all for now, enjoy your mew year!

One Response to “Happy “Mew” Year!”

  1. andiesummerkiss Says:

    A cat party? Never heard that before. That’s really original. I bet all the cats had a mew-ly great time!

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