The holidays are almost here…

It’s kind of a mixed blessing. I really don’t like the theme of the holiday season, which is excessive consumerism, but it is nice to get a few days off work. I’ll be heading down to Montreal on Saturday morning, and coming back on Wednesday afternoon. It’s a nice little visit, not too long and not too short. I’ll definitely get homesick, as they don’t have a computer there… How will I survive? I’m thinking of bringing down some knitting, origami, and other things to keep myself occupied. I’ll be off the net for 4 days!

Well, today, there is a holiday party that I’m going to, at 12:30. It’s a work party, but it’s at someone’s place. It seemed boring at first, but now that I know the lady has 3 cats, I’m excited to go and see them! If only she had told me that there were cats, then I wouldn’t have been so hesitant in accepting the invitation! *meew*! Anyways, there will be a gift exchange. I got a Senators scarf for the guy whose name I drew, I wonder who got my name, and what they got me? I made it clear to the whole office before this, that I didn’t want any alcohol, and that I would love anything cat-related. Oh well, I can always trade with someone there, if I get something crappy like a bottle of wine (ew). I’m not really into the holiday spirit, but little things like this are nice.

PS: It’s been a week since I’ve had the piercing. It’s been ripped out 3 times, once when I inadvertently scratched my nose, and twice while I was washing my face. The first and third times, I could get it back in myself. The second time, my nose was too swollen, so I put an earring stud in (it’s a straight post, not curved like a nose stud), then went to the piercer’s to have the nose stud customized and replaced.  What a pain that was, due to the fact that we had a major snowstorm on Sunday, and I had to venture out for this! Now I put a band-aid over it when I shower, so I won’t rip it out again.

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