I got it done! I finally got my nose pierced, despite my huge fear of needles. Iff I can keep taking steps like this, I might get over my affliction… =^ ^= Well, not really, cause medical needles are a whole different story. Mind you, it didin’t go smoothly at all. I was freaked, and I didn’t want to do it, but Hottie kept telling me that it would be okay, and that it only hurt for 2 seconds. Then we went into the room, and put some numbing cream on (and in) my nose, and talked with the piercer girl about cats, work and many other things. There were also periods of me crying with fear and shaking. This whole process took about 45 minutes.

Finally, I said “What the hell, I really want this”, and decided to go through with it. I hugged Hottie, and in it went. WHAT EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!!!!  I knew that it would hurt, after all, it’s a sharp needle going into my nose, but I didn’t think it would hurt that much! I mean, I’ve watched videos of it on YouTube, but no one yelled, or ow’d, or anything like that. They were all so calm! Meanwhile, I yelled my head off. It hurt so bad, I could feel the needle boring through the skin, then the cartilage, and then the inside of my nose. It only took about 2 seconds, but it felt like an eternity. After the stud was in, I started bleeding. Profusely. I didn’t get the tear running down my face, like most do, but it was worse. I think I started going into shock, because of all the blood I was losing. My ears were ringing, and I felt really dizzy. I had to lie down for a bit, I couldn’t stand up without passing out. They got me a Coke, to try and bring my blood sugar up, but I won’t drink that crap. So I didn’t. Hottie had to drive me home, since I was in no condition to. My nose was killing me all night!

Anyways, now it doesn’t hurt that much, it just feels sore when I twitch my nose, and it bleeds when I sneeze. I’m actually glad that I faced one fear, and I’ll have this pretty little diamond on my nose! I’ll never take it out though, for fear that the hole may close, and I’ll have to go through all that again!


One Response to “OWWWWW!!! OW! OWWW!”

  1. andiesummerkiss Says:

    I am so glad you did it! I am so jealous! I did have one years ago when I was in Malaysia. Mum made me took it off. She has this archaic view that it’s bad luck to make an extra hole on my face.

    I think belly button piercing hurts much more. The giant needle. Brrr .. I had it done in Singapore and got infected. So my husband took it off just two weeks after I got it done.

    What a waste. Good luck with yours!

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