another daily rambling…

So, the week is almost over. I know, I haven’t been posting much, just enough to keep this blog “alive”. Anyhoo, it’s freezing out! -20°C, or something like that. Absolutely horrible!

Tomorrow, we have this division “retreat” that I have to attend. It seems interesting, considering it will be a chance to learn some new things, and it sure beats sitting here doing nothing for most of the day. I feel a bit guilty, even though it’s not my fault that there’s no work for me. The retreat venue is close by, and there’s lots of parking, so I can drive there tomorrow. I’m actually looking forward to it, since I’ve never been to anything like that for work purposes.

On another issue, it seems like my building management will do something about the screaming kids next door. We wrote a complaint letter on Tuesday, and last night, there was a letter from the super under their door. I was really curious to see what it said, and I wanted to take it, read it, then put it back, but they took it before I could do that… Anyways, it’s been really quiet last night…I wonder if it was an eviction notice? I’m not the type to complain about people, but this has gone too far. We’ve confronted them many times, and they did nothing about it. I really hope this works out. I know everyone on our floor will be happier if they get kicked out.

There’s my update. I have a good feeling that everything will work out just fine.

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