a little update

Blah… holidays are coming up, I’m not really looking forward to it. There are a couple of parties at work, but I think I’m only going to go to one. I don’t really feel like having to commute downtown, and go to someone’s house for it. I’ll just go to the one here at the office.

I volunteered to be in charge of music/audiovisual, so that means I can control the music!!!! They probably want christmas music, but a classical cd with just instrumental stuff might not be too bad. I just hate the singing!!! I really don’t like this time of year though. I’ve been feeling a lot more epressed lately, and it really sucks. I’m going to work out a lot more now, to try and get my mind off it. I’m really thankful for Ipods though, it has saved my sanity when going through a crowded mall!


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